Truck Bed 2 Bike Rack for Full-Size Trucks

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  • Pickup Truck Bed Mount - Holds 2 BikesBed Width 59" or Greater
  • Works with Mountain, Road, Cruisers, E-Bikes, Fat Tire, BMX & More
  • Includes 2 Wheel Straps
  • Includes Everything You Need To Install It in the Bed of Your Truck 
  • Adjustable for 20″-29″ Wheel Diameters
  • Adjustable for .75″-2.8″ Tire Widths
  • Compatible with Our Fat Tire Conversion Kit - Extends Adjustability up to 5" Tire Widths
  • Wheel Mount Design, No Front Tire Removal, No Holes to Drill in Your Truck
  • Bike Rack Holds 2 Bikes - Best Configuration 2 Forward Facing 
  • Ability to Add Another Bike with Our Additional Arm Assembly
  • Great for Garage Storage
  • All Aluminum Means No Rust