“I chose Pipeline Racks for the simplicity of not having to tie down each bike. The installation was easy. The rack went together fast, and instructions were easy to follow. The bikes go on and off the rack as fast as you can lift and put them in your truck. It was exactly what I’d hoped for. The rack holds each bike secure. I would most definitely recommend Pipeline Racks for anyone who has a truck. It is the only way to go.”
                                 –Chris Williams, YHS MTB Ride Leader


“I have many racks from the Y brand and the T brand. None like this. Pipeline rocks! So easy and so fast. Great work.” 

“I Love the rack- super fast and easy to use. Best by far” – Alex


“I bought a rack a few weeks ago for my F 150 and I love it. Thanks for the great rack. My friends are very impressed by the design and ease of use.
Thanks again and take care.”