Q: How is the rack secured in the truck?

A: Our Truck Bed Bike Racks utilize a strap system that requires no modifications to the bed of your truck. No holes to drill!  You can see our Installation Guide on our website. Our Bed Bike Racks come with everything you need to secure it to the bed of your truck. Our Rail System Bike Racks come with everything you need to secure it to your already existing truck rail (not included with our rail system bike racks).

Q: Does the bike move during transport?

A: By design, we do expect some sway during transport. Our Bike Racks are not a rigid mount design, therefore, there will be some bike movement from side to side, especially on rough roads. The rack only contacts the rubber tire, not the rim or frame and the tire acts as an insulator to vibration during transportation. The tire cradles are fully adjustable, for tire width and diameter, at 5 points for each individual bike to maximize stability.

Our Bike Racks are designed to make bike transport quick, easy, & secure. You can transport your bikes with confidence that they are secure.

Q: My bike has fenders, will it fit in your bike racks?

A: If one tire fender does not extend below the wheel axle on at least one of the tires our bike racks will work for your bike. Our bike racks can accommodate either the front or rear tire, so as long as one of the wheels meets that requirement it will work.

Q: Does the rack work with a tonneau cover installed?

A: Our Bike Racks will fit under a tonneau cover when the Bike Rack is not in use. When transporting bikes, depending on the design of the tonneau cover and size of the bike tires, the bike tires may not fit under the cover. 

*The easiest way to determine if they will fit under the tonneau cover during transport is to roll the bikes into the truck, to the front of the bed.  If they can roll in to within 3 or so inches of the front of the truck bed, our bike rack will work as designed. If it is hard mounted, it does not need to be against the truck bed front wall. 

We do have some alternative solutions. Please email us at info@pipelineracks.com and we will be happy to help.

Q: Will the rack work with E-Bikes?

A: Our Bike Racks can carry E-bikes, and bikes over 40 lbs. We do recommend using extra support straps, secured from the bike to the truck bed, 1 per bike, during transport.

 Q: How is the rack mounted to a hard surface?

A: An optional Surface Mounting Kit  is available that allows the rack to be mounted to any hard surface. You can easily disconnect the rack from the surface bracket when not in use if desired. This is especially great for trailers & toy haulers!   **Please note, the hardware to mount the kit to the hard surface is provided by the customer for your specific application because every situation is unique.  The hardware to mount the Bike Rack to the Hard Surface Bracket is supplied in the kit.

 Q: What is the 30 Day money back guarantee?

A: Many times we are able to help you in solving a concern or find a solution to a unique application, so please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help. Of course, if you are not satisfied with our product, our 30 Day Guarantee is just that, you can return it within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund. Please contact us at info@pipelineracks.com.

Q: What is the adjustment range for tire width?

A: The arms can adjust for .75 to 2.80 inch wide tires. With our Fat Tire Conversion Kit they can adjust to a maximum of 5 inches.

 Q: Can the rack be installed in a van or trailer?

A: Yes, with the use of our Surface Mounting Kit it’s possible to secure the rack and add quick release pins for easy removal.

Q: Will the rack accommodate Fat Tire Bikes?

A: Yes, with our Fat Tire Tube Kit  the tire width range is extended to 5 inches. 

Q: Can additional wheel arms be added later?

A: Yes, our Additional Bike Arm Assembly can be added to our racks to increase capacity

Q: Can the arms be positioned to maximize space?

A: Yes, the wheel arms can be located anywhere along the front horizontal beam to create the best fit possible for your application.

Q: What material is the rack made of?

A: The rack is constructed of aluminum extruded tubes and aluminum cast fittings. The tubes are anodized and the fittings powder coated for weather resistance, light weight and high durability that should last a lifetime.  

Q: Does the rack come with a cable lock?

A: At this time our Bike Racks do not come with a cable lock. We recommend a cable lock be used in transporting any bike, both for security and in case of an accident. The best option is to purchase one locally.

Q: My rack arrived and it is missing pieces?

A: We do our best to prevent this, but sometimes, unfortunately, there may be a missing piece. Just let us know what pieces you are missing and we will ship them to you right away. Please contact us at info@pipelineracks.com.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We do ship to Canada and have several shipping methods available at checkout.  We do limited other international shipments so please contact us at info@pipelineracks.com and let us know your location.  

Let us know if you have any other questions, by emailing Info@PipelineRacks.com