We Make Bike Transport Quick, Easy & Versatile 

  • Truck Bed and Rail System Options
  • Wheel Mount Design, No Front Tire Removal
  • Transport Mountain, Road, Cruisers, E-Bikes*, Fat Tire, BMX & More**
  • Strap System Secures the Rack to Your Truck - No Holes to Drill
  • Adjustable for 20"-29". Wheel Diameter 
  • Adjustable for .75"-2.8" Tire Width - Max. of 5" w/ Optional Fat Tire Kit
  • A Bike Rack for All Size Trucks -  Sub-Compact, Compact, Full-Size, as Well as Rail Systems
  • Great for Trailers & Toy Haulers w/ Our Surface Mounting Kit
  • All Aluminum -  No Rust
  • Fits in all Size Truck Beds
  • Great as a Garage Rack
  • Rack Allows Clearance for Disk Brakes Systems
  • Tool-less Wheel Adjustments
  • Tire Cradles Fit Either Front or Rear Wheels
    Our Bike Racks are designed to make bike transport quick, easy, & secure. They are not a rigid mount design, therefore, there will be some bike movement from side to side, especially on rough roads. The rack only contacts the rubber tire, not the rim or frame & the tire acts as an insulator to vibration during transport. The tire cradles are fully adjustable, for tire width and diameter, at 5 points for each individual bike to maximize stability. You can transport with confidence that they are secure!

        Versatile - Our Bike Racks Easily Adjust with Your Changing Needs

        • Need to transport more bikes? Our Additional Tire Cradle Assembly can be added to many of our racks to increase capacity.
        • Added A Fat Tire Bike to Your Transport Needs? Our Fat Tire Conversion Kits Easily Expand All Our Tire Cradles to Hold Fat Tire Bikes.
        • Want additional bed storage space when you transport your bikes or just want the tailgate closed? Our optional T-Gater allows the wheel to be securely mounted to the top of a closed tailgate.***
        • Purchased a new truck? You can purchase just the needed assemblies to convert your existing tire cradles to fit your new set-up & you are good to go!
        *For E-Bikes And Bikes Over 40 Pounds, We Recommend Using Extra Support Straps, Secured From The Bike To The Truck Bed, 1 Per Bike, During Transport.
        **Fenders can not extend past below-the-wheel axel on at least one of the tires. Our bike racks can accommodate either the front or back tire, so as long as one of the wheels meets that requirement it will work. Our bike racks do not accommodate bikes with full fenders.  
        ***The rack needs 3 inches plus the length of the bike to close the tailgate w/ the bike placed straight on the bed floor.
        Please contact us with any questions or unique applications. We are always happy to help!