Truck Bed Installation

Installing Our Bike Racks is Quick & Easy

Everything You Need to Secure the Bike Rack to the Bed of Your Truck is Included

1. Position the Bike Rack Toward the Front of the Truck Bed as Shown

2. Secure Carabineer to Existing Truck Cargo Cleat*

3. Attach Strap ‘S’ Hook to Front Loop on the Front Beam on the Main Rack

4. Clip Strap to Carabineer as Shown

5. Attach Strap with ‘S’ Hook to Rear Loop on the Tire Cradle

6. Pull Strap through Cam Until Strap System is Snug - DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN

  • The Bike Rack Needs a Solid Surface Behind it for Support, such as the Front Wall of the Truck Bed, as Shown in the Photo, or a Toolbox 
  • *Mount the Carabiner Below and Forward Of or Even With the Main Beam of the Bike Rack
  • The Cam Strap (Locking Unit) MUST Be in This Location for Proper Pull on the Rack Relative to the Truck

 *If your Cargo Cleats are Not Positioned Correctly, or You Do Not Have a Solid Surface Behind the Bike Rack, Please Contact Us and We Will Be Happy to Help You with a Modified Installation

      Please Note: 

      • For E-Bikes and Bikes Over 40 Pounds, We Always Recommend Extra Support Straps, Secured From Each Bike to the Truck Bed to Minimize the Sway During Transport Because of Their Extra Weight
      • When the Bike Rack is in the Bed of the Truck, With or Without, Bikes You Should ALWAYS Have the Rack Securely Locked to the Truck

       We are always here to answer any questions and offer guidance, please contact us at